Brand growth opportunities in a world of flux

Four opportunities for brands to emerge stronger from uncertainty
Brand growth opportunities  in a world of flux

The only constant is change

There’s been more change in business in the past few years than there’s been in the previous two decades. Businesses have grown more resilient, and some have pivoted and evolved. This adaptability now puts progressive brands in an ideal position future changes.

The pandemic has accelerated years of digital transformation plans into a very compressed time. It’s also proven to be an innovative period as brands find creative ways to address their changing customers.

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has created many changes in the way consumer behave. The most visible was the decline in traditional retail shopping, and the momentous rise of digital shopping. According to Nielson, Consumers made 10% fewer in-store trips than at the beginning of 2020, which means capturing shoppers’ attention when they are on-premise is more crucial than ever.

As brands are adjusting to the needs of their consumers, they are seeking to alter the products and services they offer. In order to capitalise on the permanent changes in the behavior of shoppers.

If what we’re buying is changing, so too is where we’re buying it. Industries which have historically struggled with online purchases have made great strides during the pandemic.

See the obstacles as opportunities

Align all your brand activity with your top-level brand values, vision and purpose in mind. Which can breed innovation in your sector.

Don’t underestimate the power of a creativity in your brand. McKinsey analysis recently showed that highly creative brands, (measured by their performance at the Cannes Lions advertising awards) over a period of 15 years, have consistently outperform their peers

Four opportunities to grow your brand

Adapt your approach, perhaps the well worn path is worthy of a re-think. You may not be hanging out in all the latest channels, but rest assured some of your audience are.

Go back and reconnect with your ‘why’

A clearly defined purpose is your north star. It helps you clarify where you’re heading, map short and long-term goals and engage your customers in lasting ways.

Is your audience who they were 24 months ago?

It could be time to re-evaluate your audience. More than 70%3 of consumers have changed buying patterns since the onset of the pandemic. They’re switching brands, platforms, and places where they shop.

Increase the depth of knowledge around your customers

Businesses that not only understand their customers and know who they are, and what makes them tick will have a definite advantage going forward.

There’s never been more touchpoints to connect with customers

Whether it’s social platforms, digital experiences or in offline settings, consumer shopping expectations and buying journeys are constantly changing and can start and end on any channel.

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