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Reposition and rebrand your business

Rebranding is the process of repositioning your business in order to create a different perception in the minds of your clients, customers, and the broader marketplace. It’s a chance to overhaul your brand purpose, your key values, and your brand story.
Reposition and rebrand your business
Our Services

Rebranding Services

There are many motivations for looking to rebrand a business, it could be a reflection of new management, to elevate your offering, or to breathe new life into the organisation. Our process involves finding out what has made your business good in the past and developing a strategy to make it great in the future. We have helped a variety of businesses move their brand into upmarket categories or to communicate new messages from a board level.

How we can help:

  • Repositioning
    Update your brand purpose and your customer story

  • Brand Strategy
    Establishing what needs to stay, and what needs to change within your organisation

  • Visual Rebrand
    A consistent ‘toolkit’ of visual cues to create strong differentiation of your business

Our Difference

A creative design studio which delivers inspiring branding, with tangible outcomes to enable your business to grow.

We take a personalised approach to solving design, branding and marketing challenges. We can help with brand strategy, business naming, designing a website, digital assets, social content or any other marketing challenges your business may face. We work in collaboration with our clients, to create custom solutions, which deliver tangible results.
Big agency thinking, small studio agility.
We bring our experience of working for big agencies, and incorporate the one-to-one attention which only a boutique studio can provide.
A true business partnership
We partner with ambitious people, products and projects, to produce high quality work that not only delivers on creativity, but also on business objectives.
We scale to meet
your needs
We bring your project to life through our small dedicated team of graphic designers, and a network of trusted partners and specialists, who are driven to create the best outcome.
From ideation,
to completion
We start with the big idea, and bring your business to life across a range of digital-first applications as well as conventional print and environmental touch points.
What we do

We apply our logical approach, to solve complex challenges

Our simplified three step process, allows you to clarify your offer, create a distinctive look & feel, and bring it to life across a range of brand experiences
We dive deep to get an understanding of your business and your goals
Business benefit
Gain a clear picture of your business positioning, which is then used as a guidepost for stakeholders and partners, which clarifies a company’s value to its customers
Next, we define your visual identity system and messaging
Business benefit
A well designed visual identity, provides clarity and consistency for your customers, with a clearly defined point of differentiation from your competitors
Finally, we deliver your identity across a range of key touch points
Business benefit
Carefully considered touch points allow a brand to build a relationship with the consumer with each application, leaving a lasting impression
Our Work

Some of the businesses we've helped transform

We partner with ambitious people, products and projects, to produce high quality work that not only delivers on creativity, but also on business objectives.


How it all works

Our process is built to distil, define and deliver the idea that makes your brand memorable to your audience
Our Work

Interested in learning more about how we can help your business to grow?

If you're looking to name your brand, refresh your visual identity, or to create a new brand from scratch — our studio can help. Our services also include full roll-out for all your customer-facing touch-points, like websites, social content and print based collateral.

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